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Well Visits

Well Visits

Well visits are essential for your child's well-being and development. They occur at various stages, starting with prenatal visits for new parents. In the early years, visits are more frequent and transition to annual check-ups from age 3 to 18. These visits enable you to build a relationship with your pediatrician and allow for a comprehensive assessment of your child's growth, development, and general health. Sick appointments, while important, can't replace the insights gained during well visits.

Immunization Policy

We advocate full immunization for every child according to the guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), except in cases of medical contraindications

To be a patient at Kids Docs Pediatrics, adherence to our vaccination Policy is a must for the well-being of our patients and their families. If transferring from another practice, please submit your child's immunization record before scheduling your first visit. We also require patients to bring their immunization records to every scheduled visit to ensure they are kept up-to-date.

Well Visit History

During each well visit, we will inquire about:

We start by asking parents about their child, gradually engaging with the child as they grow. In adolescence, private discussions are available for teenagers.

Well Visit Exams

During the first 6 months, babies are comfortable with exams. From 9 to 18 months, we examine them on the parent's lap to ease anxiety. By age 2-3, children are more at ease, and by age 4, they can sit on the exam table themselves. We measure weight, height, and head circumference for the first two years.



Head Circumference


General Appearance

Blood Pressure




Nose, Throat, and Mouth


Chest and Lungs




Nervous System

Skeletal System



Talking With The Doctor